Business process outsourcing companies in India


TnhBPO have extensive expertise in the areas of advisory and analytics services for the travel and leisure industry, including operational analytics, sales and field effectiveness, global settlement MIS, pricing analytics and client scorecards and dashboards.
Business process outsourcing companies in India


Using CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd which is a 360 degree software solutions for the entire spectrum of Travel and Hospitality.
Business process outsourcing companies in India

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Our Digital Consulting practice is comprised of experienced management and technology consultants who specialize in business process and analytic transformation. A combination of business rule revision, predictive analytics architecture and systems integration, we help you to improve your customer service in the process.
Business process outsourcing companies in India

Operational Consultancy

Cross-channel communications continue to be one of the most challenging aspects of customer service . Customers want to communicate with enterprises through the lowest-effort channel available, but their interactions are non-linear and often cross multiple channels. Adding to this complexity, enterprises have built their applications over time, so information about customer interactions tends to be siloed. The result? Customers have to repeat their information in every channel, leading to frustration and attrition. Siloed data also makes it impossible for enterprises to link customer service and sales efforts to the true value of the customer. They often spend too much time serving low-value customers and miss out on opportunities to nurture more lucrative relationships. Our technological solutions and services help you drive greater customer loyalty, higher lifetime value and long term revenue, while reducing the cost to serve.
Business process outsourcing companies in India


TnhBPO is dedicated to helping the clients to improve performance and reduce costs by creating a more agile, efficient function. By automating processes and applying advanced analytics, we help you reduce risk, but also increase visibility and control. You gain the actionable insight needed to make better decisions, a means to effectively manage regulatory compliance and the flexibility to respond to changing business demands.

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